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TBJP Veggie-Might 180g

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Trained by JP Nutrition Veggie-Might is a non-proprietary health based supplement designed to be taken to support your daily micronutrient and vitamin intake.

Formulated to provide 1g each of four key green vegetables: Kale Powder, Broccoli Powder, Spirulina, Acerola Extract, alongside Lactospore probiotic and Bromelain as well as 13 vitamins and Iron.

The goal of Veggie-Might is to provide an affordable and easy to consume alternative to eating vegetables. Due to its added probiotics Veggie-Might will also aid digestion and overall wellbeing.

Impaired digestion can lead to an increase in fatigue and sub-optimal training. Coupled with insufficient micronutrient intake, recovery from hard training will be much more difficult. Veggie-Might can avoid these issues to assist your progress.


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