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TBJP Sustain 1.8kg

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Sustain is TBJP's intra workout/intra event carbohydrate powder designed for the elite athlete.

They use patented raw ingredients for hydration aiding benefits, in the CocoMineral and added glycerol and pink salt for further hydration benefits.

For the carbohydrate source TBJP have utilised a tri-carb blend, consisting of patented Vitargo (barley starch), patented cyclic dextrin and Fructose Powder.

The goal here is to increase efficiency of carbohydrate uptake, which is achieved to a greater extent when combining sources in the manner Sustain does.

TBJP advise Sustain to be sipped across a training session and taken separately from your MPS Max or EAA + Hydration. They also advise consuming Sustain in at least 750ml of water for a single serving serving, or one litre for two servings.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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