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TBJP Superfood Greens 1kg

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TBJP's Superfood Greens is everything you need to cover your fruit and vegetable intake, in a great tasting shake.

TBJP have taken it a step further by covering your protein, your fatty acid and your fibre needs, all in one shake.

They have also added naturally occurring bromelain from pineapple, to aid in digestion as-well as including additional mushrooms for the cognitive benefits they bring. TBJP have used stevia as the sweetener for those sensitive to sucralose and the whole product is vegan friendly.

Superfood Greens includes 13 fruits and vegetables and provides 17 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Using flaxseed as a fat source, Superfood Greens provides you with 1.2g of omega 3 per serving and has chicory root as the fibre source to help aid in digestion.

All of this makes TBJP Superfood Greens one of the most comprehensive greens and superfood products to the market.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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