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TBJP Love Heart 60 Capsules

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Love Heart is TBJP's heart and kidney health supplement for anyone who has cardiovascular issues or wants to improve their overall cardiovascular health. Issues can arise for any number of reasons including obesity, being elderly and less active, or genetic conditions. It is also an absolute must as part of any anabolic cycle support stack, whether male and female.

Using anabolics will lower HDL (good cholesterol) and raise your LDL (bad cholesterol). Preventing this is imperative to avoiding Cardiovascular issues. HDL is hugely cut from even just 10mg Anavar, so all females need to understand that taking a low dose anabolic comes with serious impacts on your lipids, both HDL and LDL.

Love heart was personally designed by JP, to use for himself in the pursuit of maximum progress, using Bergamot from the pharmacy brand Bergamonte, an ultra-high quality Bergamot. 

Bergamonte's Bergamot combined with TBJP's other patented raw Kaneka Ubiquinol, works synergistically to protect your lipid profile. TBJP also include grapeseed and celery seed extract to help lower blood pressure.


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