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TBJP Dial-In 240g

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Dial-In is TBJP's versatile Nootropic supplement which can be utilised for a variety of sports and tasks.

The active ingredients centre around providing extreme focus, making Dial-In an effective pre-workout, however the benefits extend far beyond just strength training - any sporting event or task which requires sharp decision making and cognitive function will benefit from Dial-In.

Dial-In is also extremely effective when attempting large blocks of work, such as client check-ins or studying and will even assist focus during online gaming.

These ingredients were first trialled and tested by JP himself in 2017, using a combination of the ingredients during academic studies. This eventually led to the formulation of Dial-In.

Additional consideration has been given to the list of active ingredients in order to create a product which also supports eye health.

For the ultimate pre-workout stack, Dial-In can be used alongside Pumpage to cover both the stim and pump angles in one drink

If you are subject to testing, please ensure to check with your coach or federation that the ingredients used are not on your banned list.


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