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Naughty Boy Shred OG 60 Capsules

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NaughtyBoy Shred OG is a multi-functional weight management product which ticks off much more than your average fat burner. Shred OG boosts mood, provides long-lasting energy, reduces anxiety, enhances the immune system and boosts health. It also suppresses appetite and improves insulin sensitivity.

Shred OG contains Nigella Sativa which has a deep use within human history. Nigella Sativa has been found in several archaeological sites including in Egypt. King Tutankhamun’s tomb contained Nigella Sativa seeds. The list of benefits from Nigella Sativa is many, but the main reasons Nigella is included in Shred OG are weight loss through mechanisms such as potent appetite control (in vitro studies were measured as a 25% reduction in food intake, a decrease was also noted in human studies). Nigella Sativa has also been shown to benefit multiple health parameters such as lowering Triglycerides, Cholesterol and blood pressure. As well as benefitting weight management and health goals, Nigella Sativa will also benefit mood and cognition to keep both body and mind geared towards your goals.

Shred OG also contains Saffron which has been shown to reduce study subjects' hunger and appetite and increase satiety resulting in reductions in food intake. Saffron has an impressive 20 reputable studies evidencing a decrease in the symptoms of depression and a further six high quality studies evidencing an improvement of anxiety symptoms. Studies on Saffron have also noted decreases in obsessive or compulsive behaviour (OCD symptoms) and general increases in sleep quality. Saffron has also shown the potential to improve health parameters such as triglycerides, blood glucose and cholesterol similarly to Nigella Sativa.

Shred OG also contains Caffeine Anhydrous at 200mg per capsule and it provides long-lasting energy in the form of 98% purity standard Theobromine. Like Caffeine, Theobromine can inhibit adenosine receptors and phosphodiesterase, which can increase cAMP to tell our cells to burn glucose and fatty acids for energy. This will allow consistent energy throughout the day and help avoid crashes which can be associated with other weight management products.

Shred OG’s energy matrix also contains Ivy Leaf, an ingredient new to the UK Market. Ivy Leaf (std 20%) Hederagenin shows the potential to be a triple inhibitor of monoamine transports (Dopamine, Serotonin and Norepinephrine) which will further boost energy and mood.

The last powerhouse ingredient is Chromium Picolinate at a whopping 1000μg/mcg (2500% of the daily NRV) for it's positive effect on mood, insulin sensitivity, appetite suppression and weight loss in general.


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