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Naughty Boy Pump 400g

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Naughty Boy Pump was formulated to cover pump, performance, focus and hydration with 11 clinically dosed ingredients which work synergistically to give you maximum performance without the nasty crash that can come from stimulant based pre-workouts. Pump contains the expected ingredients such as L-Citrulline, Arginine and Taurine, with the additon of some less heard of active ingredients in a well thought out formula.

PureWay-C® which has been included for it's immune boosting properties which are similar to Vitamin C, but has been shown to be even more potent. Pump also has the time-proven black pepper extract Bioperine which can help enhance nutrient absorption, stabilise blood sugar levels, boost brain function and decrease inflammation among other benefits.

Another exciting addition - PerforMelon® - is a revolutionary fruit hybrid derived from a cross of watermelon and canteloupe leading to an antioxidant rich superfood powder which is great for performance and hydration. PerforMelon® boasts many benefits including helping maintain electrolyte balance, reducing blood pressure, supporting heart health, preventing muscle cramps as well as boosting immunity and supporting digestion.

Vitacholine® also aids lipid metabolism, helping the body convert fat into energy, making for an all-rounder formula and taking Pump to the next level. Packed with a wide range of health boosting benefits, this is far more than a simple stimulant replacement.

Great for anyone looking to cut down or cycle off stimulants, those training at night and wanting to avoid the sleep disruption, or those who want to avoid the post stimulant crash. Pump should be your go-to stim free pre-workout.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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