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Murdered Out L-Glutamine 400g

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Murdered Out L-Glutamine is a dietary supplement that contains pure L-Glutamine, a non-essential amino acid that is naturally produced in small quantities in the body. This supplement is designed to help support muscle growth, repair and recovery, as well as enhance overall immune function.

In addition to muscle building and performance benefits, L-Glutamine is important for maintaining a healthy intestinal tract. Murdered Out L-Glutamine can help improve gut health and promote better nutrient absorption. It is also a key component of protein synthesis, which is essential for building and repairing muscle tissue.

This supplement is free from any additives, fillers, or preservatives and is vegan-friendly. Each serving contains 5g of L-Glutamine, and the 400g container provides approximately 80 servings.

Murdered Out L-Glutamine 400g is a high-quality supplement that can help support muscle growth and recovery, enhance immune function and promote better gut health. It is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to maximize their performance and achieve their fitness goals.


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