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HR Labs Carb Up 1020g

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HR Labs Carb Up is a premium carbohydrate supplement featuring Cluster Dextrin™, GlycerSize™ and Taurine.

Carbohydrates often get a bad rap in the training world, seen as the enemy or surplus to requirements and overshadowed recently by EAAs and electrolyte loaded 'Carb Free' alternatives. The truth is both are of benefit - but Carbs are equally as important to optimise performance and recovery and to give your body the fuel it needs to perform.

Cluster Dextrin™ is the ideal training fuel, a carbohydrate that provides sustained energy without spiking blood sugar and causing a large insulin response as you might expect with cheaper alternatives. It's fast gastric emptying means that it causes no digestive discomfort - a prerequisite if you are hitting it hard and a brilliant feature for those in endurance based training or heavy lifting.

The addition of both Glycersize™ and Taurine aid cellular hydration and regulate glucose uptake - helping you to carb up for war.

Carb Up has been designed to be stacked alongside HR Lab's No Code V2; to create a potent intra-workout stack.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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