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HR Labs Blow Up 280g

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Not all things are created equal - Blow Up is an elite level, stim free pre workout scientifically formulated for optimal performance and training output.

Blow Up is specifically designed as a stim free alternative to Defib, it is perfect for those with a low caffeine tolerance or those training in the evening. Blow Up will not impact your sleep, but it will still elevate your game.

Removing the stims from a pre-workout doesn't mean that you have to ignore all of the other benefits that a well rounded pre has to offer. You can still formulate a product which increases energy, improves focus and performance and offers the crazy pumps that people want and that was exactly what HR Labs have done with Blow Up.

Utilising cutting edge ingredients at efficacious dosages, Blow Up really does tick all the boxes, no matter what your discipline: Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, Crossfit, Hyrox, BJJ, MMA, Boxing, this pre-workout is for everyone who wants to get to work.

Blow Up intentionally only shares two active ingredients with HR Labs stim based pre-workout Defib V3 - meaning they can be stacked together for the ultimate pre workout experience - for seasoned pre-workout users only.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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