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HR Labs Basic 510g

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Basic is a truly unique supplement which combines some of the most studied, proven and effective natural ergogenic aids available in one convenient daily drink. Many of the ingredients' benefits are more pronounced when supplemented daily over a prolonged period, enabling levels to reach saturation. 

It's often the case however that we may not use our supplements, such as Creatine Monohydrate, as often as we should or in the right quantities to reap the benefits. Basic is suitable for anyone who wants to get the most out of their training, no matter what the sport.

Beta-Alanine works by enhancing muscle carnosine concentrations. This is in most pre-workouts, however these are usually not taken every day leading to severely reduced efficacy.

Research has shown that Beta-Alanine is most effective when you supplement with it for extended periods, with studies indicating that doses up to 6g daily for 4 weeks or more leads to more sustained muscle carnosine levels. Beta-Alanine is ideally taken in multiple servings to avoid the paresthesia, or tingles, however this is not always possible in the real world.

Most people can easily tolerate 3.2g which is the dosage generally considered to be ‘clinical’ - found in a number of pre-workouts, including HR Labs premium stimulant based pre-workout Defib V3. Basic ensures that you are hitting that 3.2g every day, with 6.4g being consumed on training days dependant on your pre-workout of choice.

Creatine Monohydrate's effectiveness can’t be questioned - it has stood the test of time and been the subject of more research than any other sports supplement. It’s been proven to increase performance, power output and recovery as well as promote a multitude of associated health benefits. Supplementing with 5g daily is enough for most which is why it's included in Basic.

Betaine Anyhdrous supplementation at 2.5g daily over prolonged periods has benefits which are not dissimilar to Creatine. These include increased performance, power output and may also lead to improved body composition over time.

Peak O2® is an adaptogenic mushroom blend of five strains headed up by Cordyceps Militaris which enables your body to positively adapt to the stresses of training, whilst increasing power and endurance by improving oxygen uptake. Benefits are similar to Beta-Alanine but the mechanism of action is different. Some people choose one or the other but ideally, why not use both? There is 2g in Basic, widely considered to be the clinical dose. If you also have Defib V3 in your arsenal then, depending on your dosage, you would be hitting up to 3g on training days. 

HR Labs rounds out basic with 1g of Taurine, an amino acid that has many benefits including improving cellular hydration and electrolyte balance. Cocomineral™, pure organic coconut powder further aids hydration – something which is often overlooked but has an enormous impact on performance, cardiovascular health and health in general, especially when used in addition to the 500mg of Pink Himalayan Salt per serving.

50mg of Astragin® is included to maximise absorption and uptake - it has been proven to increase absorption of Creatine by 33% and Beta-Alanine by 25%. There is also positive data on Astragin®'s impact on gut health and immune function.

Basic is the supplement we should be taking daily. If you are only going to take one supplement, make sure it’s this one - made for progress.


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