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Gorillalpha Ibiza Juice Ultimate Energy Vol 1 480g

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Gorillalpha have taken their outstanding pre-workout, Ibiza Juice, to the next level with an exciting upgrade to the formula.

Designed to cover all angles including energy, nootropics, mood elevation, mind muscle connection, hydration, absorption and improved cognitive function - Ultimate Energy is a true all-rounder.

Ultimate Energy contains seven of the most effective trademarked active ingredients on the market today:

VitaCholine® - a powerful nootropic for enhanced cognitive function and focus

EnXtra® - for alertness and focus

TeaCrine® - stimulant free energy booster with no crash and added anti-inflammatory properties

CocoMineral® - for advanced hydration

Infinergy® (Di-Caffeine Malate) - a patented version of caffeine without the crash and less unsettling for the stomach

Astragin® - to boost nutrient absorption

BioPerine® - a patented ingredient derived from black pepper extract which further boosts nutrient absorption and may also assist with weight management

On top of these key actives, Gorillalpha have also stacked 8000mg of pure L-Citrulline, 4000mg of Beta Alanine and 2500mg of Taurine to help create powerful energy and intensity.

Made to the highest standard, using only the finest quality ingredients at the most effective levels. Make this your next pre-workout and see the off the charts performance that Gorillalpha pre-workouts are known for.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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