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CNP Professional Whey 900g

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CNP Whey is a blend containing whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate an skimmed milk powder.

CNP Whey has been reformulated to improve the taste and texture. It is naturally high in BCAAs and L-glutamine, which have been included for their positive effect on stimulating protein bioavailability. Amino acids can be depleted during exercise - CNP Pro Whey can help to restore them to pre workout levels.

Optimising your protein intake should be a key, core consideration for anyone who takes their training or any form of exercise seriously. That’s why supplementing with a whey protein is ideal both pre and post workout, or anytime throughout the day to help you reach your protein requirements.

Each serving of CNP Whey contains 21g of protein and is fortified with AstraGin®, a trademarked ingredient designed to further enhance the absorption of these amino acids, making this one of the most effective protein products to date.

  • Delivers 21g of pure whey protein per 30g serving
  • Microfiltered for purity
  • Premium formula created for easy digestion
  • High in Leucine and Glutamine


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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