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Chemical Warfare Intra Surgence 480g

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Intra Surgence is an intra-workout supplement scientifically crafted with a highly dosed, full spectrum blend of EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) together with cutting edge hydration and patented energy boosting ingredients.

Intra Surgence provides the body with a high dose of BCAAs and EAAs, both of which are vital to boost muscle growth and enhance physical performance. Sipping Intra Surgence during your workout will keep you hydrated by providing you with necessary electrolytes and energy as well as Cocomineral® to help avoid cramps. 

Energy boosts are essential whilst working out and Chemical Warfare have added two ingredients that really take Intra Surgence to the next level. PeakO2® is an organic-certified combination of six adaptogenic mushrooms grown in the US. This together with a high dosage of Betaine Anhydrous make the perfect energy combination to complement your workouts and help you push on when it gets tough.

For a perfect intra-workout boost, combine with Chemical Warfare's Deploy (GDA) to help flood your muscles with EAAs when they need them most.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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