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Per4m Amino Xtra 420g

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Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) can play a major role in the process to activate muscle protein synthesis and promote muscle recovery. It’s not just what you consume but what the body Utilises that can make all the difference.

Amino Xtra delivers a full spectrum essential amino blend including 5g of fermented Branched Chain Amino Acids in every serving and is boosted with the unique addition of vegan proteolytic enzymes and Glutamine to support a healthy gut for improved amino digestion and nutrient absorption.

The body uses Glutamine during times of intense physical stress such as strength training or other intense sport and exercise which, without proper nutrition, can lead to a catabolic state where the body breaks down muscle tissue for essential nutrients and fuel.

To complete a truly rounded formula Amino XTRA also features precise doses of Taurine for hydration, Vitamin C for immune support and Citrulline Malate for ammonia removal helping you train harder and recover faster from hard hitting training sessions.


Nutrition may vary by flavour

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