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Chemical Warfare Armour Plated 90 Capsules

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Armour Plated is the ultimate clinically dosed Joint Support blend on the market today.

Chemical Warfare understand that intense physical exercise, bodybuilding and weightlifting put tremendous pressure and strain on our joints and over time can lead to injuries - the dread of every athlete. Armour Plated provides the support you need to go that step further and push through plateaus to achieve greatness whilst lowering the chance of injury.

When developing the formula for this product, Chemical Warfare sourced out the best joint support ingredients on the market and used clinical dosages proven to work for each. Key among them is Levagen®, a clinically studied form of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) that utilises the endocannabinoid system to supports joint function, reducing stiffness and providing joint comfort.

Combined with Glucosamine Sulphate which may slow down joint cartilage degeneration, Boswellia which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and Hyaluronic acid which aids in keeping your tissue and joints lubricated. This is the ultimate joint formula backed up by research proven to help you keep your joints healthy, so you can focus on your performance and reaching your goals.


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